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Clear Heart: Personal Energy Clearing

Jean Haner 2019

Jean Haner

You may understand that everyone is a radiant Being of light, that you have bright an inner spirit that can shine and lighten the hearts of everyone you encounter. But in fact, most people walk around looking like they are immersed in a thick cloud of energy that blocks radiance from shining through.

This cloud is made up of two kinds of energy:

  1. The old stress, pain and tension you are still carrying from your past history; the difficult experiences you have not yet been able to fully recover from.
  2. The negative energy you absorb from the people and places around you, whether it is from stressed co-workers, family members, or a house full of stagnant energy.

This cloud can affect how you feel on a daily basis and can obscure your view, limit your choices, and keep you stuck repeating the same life experiences instead of forming new choices. Join Jean Haner, Hay House bestselling author of Clear Home Clear Heart: Learn to Clear the Energy of People and Places, in this highly interactive training where you will become informed and directly experience how to clear any lingering energy from your past history, stop being an energy sponge, and no longer be affected by the energy around you.

Energy clearing is based on the concept of resonance, or what Western science calls entrainment. With conscious compassion, you can gently synchronize your energies to facilitate the release of blocks or negative energy, create new space for vitality and joy in life, and connect to your sacred sense of purpose.

Become informed and have practice time to do energy clearings for yourself and other people. Experience giving and receiving energy clearings, a skill to use for the rest of your life as you become informed how to:

  1. Use easy ways to clear stress the moment you feel it
  2. Lose the tension you have been holding around past experiences
  3. Become an empowered empath to develop and deepen your intuitive skills
  4. Create healthy energetic boundaries and no longer soak up other people’s energy

Discover how to release stress for others. Use energy clearing in your work or become a healing presence in the world. Open to new possibilities for moving beyond your stuck places in life, such as issues with money, or body confidence. Energy shifts can support finding your true purpose as old emotional patterns lift that had been resistant to change. Support yourself with greater health and improved vitality. Your results will continue to expand and grow even after the training. Step into your radiance and embody your shining light. Upon completing Clear Heart: Personal Energy Clearing, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Course 191129 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5
Time  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $280/250 payment 10 days in advance

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