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Unshakeable Confidence

Mare Chapman, MA

Buddhist teachings say unshakeable confidence is your birthright: the deep stable inner trust in your authentic self to handle whatever arises in life. This way of being is part of your true nature that is always here, but gets covered by conditioning. Though everyone’s mind becomes trained to perceive reality in biased ways, women’s internalized gender conditioning creates beliefs and behaviors that can cause great misery. Habits of dwelling on others while ignoring yourself, obsessive people-pleasing, feeling like a fraud, worrying about others’ judgments, trying to be perfect, feeling responsible for others’ happiness and misery— though you believe in women’s equality—keeps you selling yourself short. These habits of “othering” keep you feeling small, afraid to be yourself, and risk your significance. Yet beyond these limiting patterns is always your wise stable true nature, untarnished by the distortions of the mind’s habits.

Join Mare Chapman, author of Unshakeable Confidence, the Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves: Mindfulness for Women, and find out how mindfulness transforms these habits so you can live in the freedom of your authentic self with the steady power of unshakeable confidence. Based on decades of study and 25 years of teaching mindfulness to women, be guided to:

  1. Explore the difference between the authentic and conditioned self
  2. Explore the common characteristics of “othering”
  3. Discover how mindfulness and loving kindness change these patterns and build faith in yourself
  4. Understand the power of thoughts and the wisdom of emotions
  5. Practice guided meditations to establish connection with authentic self

Practicing mindfulness cultivates trust in your authentic self and the realization that conditioned habits are not who you truly are. Form the pathway to living in the natural confidence of your true nature

Course 182160 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, September 29
Time  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $105/85 payment 10 days in advance

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