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Intro to Selfistry: The Art of Self-Care

Sarah _marshank

Sarah Marshank, med


Aligning with yourself and taking care of yourself may seem selfish but it is one of the most important things you can do. Though you may know this, it can sometimes be hard to actually live it—especially in the times like these. You are not alone is you are feeling overwhelmed or scared about the future. The truth is, uncertain and alarming times can often generate ideal conditions for bringing froth your best self. As you put into action the tools and techniques you need to align more fully with your core strengths, you can find the way to co-create a future that is equitable and beautiful for all. In other words, to be of service in the world—to care for others—it helps to prioritize taking care of yourself.

Join Sarah Marshank, creator of Selfistry and author of Being SELFish: My Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother for a powerful experience in coming into greater alignment with yourself during chaotic times.
Everyone has a complex configuration of (often conflicting) needs, desires, beliefs, emotions, and habits. These many parts—or “selves” as they are referred to in Selfishtry, can create some inner confusion. Under normal life stress, you may feel lost or unsettled, and use self-criticism or shame to try to manage the chaos inside and outside of you. You may force answers or simple give in and follow the crowd. But there is another way. When you begin to accept the psychological chaos and emotional waves and observe them with loving awareness, your internal landscape begins to reorganize itself around your deeper Self. Divergent desires, passions, and needs can coexist and integrate—even be celebrated—making the future more inviting.
Delve into a Selfishtry's unique framework for self understanding, a simple and elegant map of yourself. Incorporate tools and techniques to embody all of your selves, and discover how to be wisely selfish for the benefit of yourself and others by:

1. Exploring your inner landscape with wonder and curiosity
2. Using a simple meditation and visualization to settle your mind and deepen your self knowledge
3. Identifying where you feel stuck and how to move forward

Selfistry has designed ideal learning conditions for you to become more self aware of what drives you and what holds you back. It gives you a framework and tools to create a lifestyle that supports the mastery of your Self. When you value the importance of cultivating your wise self you are also valuing the path of service to others in ways that enhance your relationship with all life.
Be at home with yourself in new and inspiring ways. Become empowered to take yourself forward in ways that are authentic for you. You’ll more deeply trust yourself as the artist of your life, and as someone who deeply values yourself. And, you will inspire others to engage in wise self-care, championing personal well-being as integral to being of service to the ones we love.

Spread your wings, yet be grounded in your ability to take this work forward in ways that are authentic for you. More deeply trust yourself as the artist of your life, as someone who deeply values yourself. Gain inspiration to engage in wise self-care championing personal well-being as integral to being of service to the ones you love.

Because of the current situation with the coronavirus, this course is only available on Zoom. You will be emailed a link near to the time of the class to watch to participate on Zoom. The course will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch it afterwards.

Course 202168 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, October 24
Time  11:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Cost  $95/85 payment by September 24

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