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Clear, Connect, and Thrive with Grace and Ease

Enhance and expand your life into a greater fullness. Gain a stronger sense of purpose and knowing with three dynamic experientials to clear what no longer works for you, connect more deeply with Source, and thrive in your daily life. Unburden yourself and release old stale emotional energies to open to new possibilities. Like a clean slate, source a deep inner connection and alignment to thrive with your intentions to enhance and expand your life.

Lisa _nitzkin Join Lisa Nitzkin, psychic medium, to connect to your intuitive inner voice. Unblock obstacles and burdens that hold you back from reaching your full authentic potential. Once these burdens are recognized, release them by writing then on a piece of paper to be burned during a sacred fire ceremony within the grace of the  community. Each person will hold space for one another as you strip, shred, and let go of grievances and watch your burdens disappear into the flames. This ceremony is a cleansing experience that enables you to open to new possibilities.

Ellen _katz Join Ellen Katz, LMFT, in opening to source a deep connection through a joyful inner journey. Experience a traditional Lakota Rainbow meditation to align your chakras. Connect with your Higher Source protectors to assist you in opening and visioning how to maintain a strong connection. In this integrated state, your Divine compass is accessible to give clear direction of opening to your true potential. Through an inspirational guided meditation, your body-mind consciousness can merge with your Divine source, enabling you to envision who, in this vital, integrated and connected state, you are becoming.

Martha _hayden Having cleared away burdens and established a deep connection, you are ready to thrive in your life in a new-found way. Join Martha Hayden, intuitive coach, to thrive with a vision of clarity. Experience a dynamic visualization where you see yourself thriving with grace and ease. Anchor a sense of knowing while participating in a medicine circle ceremony to integrate new realizations and pathways to fully integrate into your daily life. Thrive with radiant energy in an expansive and enhanced ability of your beingness.

Enjoy dessert and socializing during the evening. This event is a mini-fundraiser that supports Infinity’s sustainability and programming initiatives. Your fee is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
Course 201128
Date  Friday, March 6
Time  7:00 - 9:30 PM
Cost  $65/55 payment 10 days in advance



Course #201128 $65.00

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