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Sound Healing Journey


Eben Alexander, MD & Karen Newell

Take an experiential sound journey with Sacred Acoustics’ innovative audio technology. Experience a heart connection and healing, riding the wave of consciousness. Open your awareness to the wisdom of universal consciousness. Align more powerfully with your higher purpose and connect with the healing energy that is available to you.

Join Alexander and Newell, innovators in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment, by listening to and absorbing the benefits from Sacred Acoustics audio meditations using state-of-the art stereophonics. Feel the vibrations of the recordings to enter and engage your own consciousness.

The universe is evolving in vast and fascinating ways, and you are not only part of it—you are it. The mindful universe in which you live is self-aware and evolving. Coming to know this fully, and to live it, is the pathway toward perfect harmony with all that is.

As you become more familiar and comfortable with your inner essence, your unique qualities begin to shine. More easily access guidance and creative inspiration. Gain a deeper understanding of personal events that take place in your life. Meaning and purpose flourish in such an awakened environment. Any true vision of health must include not only the physical, mental, and emotional realms, but, most importantly, the spiritual realm.

There will be time for sharing and questions and answers after the sound healing journey. Please bring a pillow and something to lie on.

Course 182166
Date  Friday, November 9
Time  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Cost  $45/30 payment 10 days in advance



Course #182166 $45.00

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