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Infinity's weekly cable TV show Interviewing holistic practitioners & bestselling authors is on cable channel 19 Tuesday at 7:00 PM & Sunday at 1:00 PM
Inner Quest is broadcast in the communities of Glencoe, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Highwood, Highland Park, Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, and Lincolnshire.

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From Grieving to Finding Meaning
David Kessler

David _kessler

Many people do not want to think about dealing with grief until someone close to them passes. However, most everyone knows someone who has passed and may find it difficult to know what to say to bring comfort to a person. One of most important life skills you can have is to know how to relate to someone who is going through grief, whether it be a friend or family member. Be equipped to offer condolences that are helpful to yourself or others by understanding the sixth stage of grief—meaning.

Join Kessler to become informed about his groundbreaking new work from the recent release, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief Kessler—an expert on grief has expanded the classic five stages to discover a sixth stage: meaning. In 1969, Elisabeth Kübler Ross first identified the stages of dying in her transformative book On Death and Dying. Decades later, she and Kessler wrote the classic On Grief and Grieving, introducing the stages of grief with the same transformative pragmatism and compassion. Now, based on hard-earned personal experiences, as well as knowledge and wisdom through decades of work with the grieving, Kessler introduces a critical sixth stage—meaning.

Become informed about the insights, collective wisdom, and powerful tools to help those experiencing loss. Finding Meaning is a critical component to the grief process.

His insight is both professional and intensely personal: his journey with grief began when, as a child, he witnessed a mass shooting at the same time his mother was dying. For most of his life, Kessler has taught physicians, nurses, counselors, police, and first responders about end of life, trauma, and grief, as well as leading talks and retreats for those experiencing grief. Despite all his knowledge, his life was upended by the sudden death of his 21 year old son.

Find out how Kessler,  the world’s leading authority on grief, handled his own tragic, unexpected, and devastating loss. He knew he had to find a way through his pain that would honor his son. This is perhaps the most common desire people have and is exceptionally useful in dealing with grief.

Find a sense of completion or inner peace by recognizing the importance of the meaning of grief for anyone looking to journey away from suffering for yourself or others.

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Divine Love: Rumi and Kabir
Andrew Harvey

Andrew _harvey

If Rumi is the great prophet of love, Kabir is the fierce and sublime prophet of truth. Rumi can be fierce, but leads with refined ecstatic tenderness, while Kabir can be tender, but leads with a breathtaking ferocity that aims to tame the ego and incinerate injustice and illusion. Rumi is the supreme aristocrat of poetry; Kabir speaks in the raw stark realism of a peasant who knows the horror of poverty.

There is no greater time than now that requires a simple, naked, unflinchingly fierce voice of Kabir. It is as though Rumi floods you with tender fire to prepare you to be burnt alive in Kabir’s loving flames, resurrecting you in your essential Divine nature. Kabir is the master of clarity, simplicity, directness, passion, and strength, and this laser-like purity and refusal to buy into any kind of illusion is exactly what spiritual seekers need amid our devastating global crisis.
Join Harvey, a world-renown scholar of Rumi’s work, as a backdrop to Kabir’s most important poems from his latest release Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir.

Experience three life-changing practices from the core of the Hindu and Sufi Tradition to be interspersed with deep sharing as you are guided in the glorious field of Kabir’s words and their innermost meaning for you.

Turn Me to Gold is a statement by Kabir that one drop of Divine love can turn you to gold. What is meant by gold is that you can be fully embodied to experience God, Spirit, or the Universe. The birth that is trying to take place on our planet is not one of just becoming conscious of the Divine, but to integrate and embody the Divine. Kabir is the supreme guide for enabling yourself to be turned to gold.

Delve into Kabir’s immensely inspiring vision of the transfiguration of the human into the Divine human. Engage in the inspiration derived from his poetry to fuel the wise sacred action for human transformation with Harvey, a master of enlivening and illuminating the hidden gems of mystic wisdom. Awaken to your life so you can live each day more aligned, sacred, peaceful, and open-hearted.

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