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February, 2019
Secrets to Tantric Intimacy 2/19/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Support for a Spiritual Process 2/20/19 Using Essential Oils for a Chemical Free Home 2/21/19 Reboot, Rebalance, and Vision for 2019 2/22/19 Meditation Excursion Intensive 2/23/19 Movie Night: The Power of the Heart 2/26/19 Spiritual Awareness of Racial & Social Injustice 2/27/19
March, 2019
Connecting to Cosmic Realms & Star Energy 3/2/19 Advancing Intuition 3/3/19 Clutter Clearing for an Essential Life 3/4/19 Energy Medicine for Women 3/6/19 Connecting to Angels 3/6/19 Using Plant Medicine for Healing 3/7/19 Infinity Family Fest 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Little Chefs 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Amazing Magic 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Music Sing-Along 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Dream Catchers 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Kung Fu Ninjas 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Animal Quest 3/9/19 Creating Mandalas 3/10/19 Using Plant with Medicine Kids 3/10/19 Movie Night: The Healing Field 3/11/19 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Connecting to Power Animals and Nature Spirits 3/12/19 Self-care for Nurturing the Gut 3/12/19 The Way of Bon Buddhism Tradition 3/13/19 Blending Exotic Teas for Wellness 3/14/19 Movie Night: Celestine Prophecy Movie Night with James Redfield Live 3/15/19 Key Insights to Living the Celestine Prophecy 3/16/19 Kirtan: Meditation and Mantra 3/17/19 Deepening Divine Connection 3/17/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Eliminating Barriers 3/20/19 Spring Equinox Ceremony 3/20/19 Mastering Personal Energy 3/21/19
April, 2019
Nia 4/8/19 Mediumship 4/8/19 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Receiving Guidance From Spirit Guides 4/9/19 Expansive Extended Gong Bath 4/14/19 Kindness Matters: Nurturing Empathy in Kids 4/14/19 Messages from the Universe with Automatic Writing 4/15/19 Developing Energetic Awareness 4/15/19 Tea Party for Toddlers 4/15/19 Angel Yoga 4/16/19 Women’s Healing Circle 4/16/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Creating A Spirtual Space 4/17/19

Inner Quest

Infinity's weekly cable TV show Interviewing holistic practitioners & bestselling authors is on cable channel 19 Tuesday at 7:00 PM & Sunday at 1:00 PM
Inner Quest is broadcast in the communities of Glencoe, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Highwood, Highland Park, Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, and Lincolnshire.

Watch Inner Quest on YouTube. There are currently two YouTube accounts, please look at both this one and this one.

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The Infinity classroom is shoeless, since we offer certain classes where people sit and lie on the floor. If you get cold feet, you may want to wear socks.

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Infinity Foundation is the Chicago area's leading holistic education center. Infinity offers Courses For Life®, providing you with experiential courses in personal, professional, and spiritual growth to enhance your life.

Whether you are at the entry level to the vast world of holistic education, health and healing or seeking advanced training and certification, we are here to serve you. You are invited to attend our courses and free mini-workshops.

The Winter-Spring 2019 course guide is out now. Request a Free Course Guide.

Infinity Foundation Named Best Place for Lifelong Learning Classes and Best Place for Meditation.

22nd Annual Anniversary Gala

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5:30 - 7:30 PM
Practitioners Fair with mini demonstrations
Fabulous Silent Auction, Browse & Bid
Cash Bar

8:00 PM
Elegant Dinner, vegan/gluten free or chicken option
Rich Maisel, pianist
After Dinner Program and Presentation of the 2019 Infinity Foundation
Spirit Award to Lisa Williams, Keynote Speaker

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Key Insights to Living the Celestine Prophecy
James Redfield

James Redfield 2019

Energize your life, peacefully actualize your goals, and amp up your creativity. A growing wave of higher spiritual awareness is sweeping the planet. A newly released Celestine Prophecy edition with an afterward, the New York Times bestselling book by James Redfield, is being passed around at new levels by three generations. This essential book has never been more relevant in establishing your peace and living your mission.  Join Redfield to embody five key insights to living a fulfilling, purposeful life with more engagement and synchonronistic flow that supports your life moment-to-moment. Redfield leads you through five insights and breakthroughs to energize your life through discussion, experientials, and questions and answers:

In this new time of heightening consciousness, the key experience is building inspiration energy and syn-flow. This is the inner feeling that opens you up to who you really are and what you want to do in the world. As this consciousness opens in you, your life comes into focus. You realize your soul wants a more rapid and creative life. Find out how to break through to this life, regardless of your age. Discover how to interpret synchronistic moments and the special keys to keep the flow and creativity going.  

Sometimes the pace and noise on your path distracts you and you repeatedly fall back into dealing with old patterns. Research shows that each of us is usually trying to cope with one of three issues that hold you back: anxiety about the future; anger and irritation toward others; and emotional hurts you think have been caused by others. All these issues are resolved by breaking through to a miracle-experience of heart-opening peace and agape love. Experience  a short meditation to open up a place of inner security and presence within you. This enables you to let go of your emotional concerns and become the center of your own unfolding life movie. 

Everyone has difficulties with other people, sometimes with the very ones you love the most. In this time of increased consciousness, there are very effective ways to react differently. Quickly deflate conflicts and facilitate a more authentic conversation which everyone can feel heard and accepted. Set the stage for resolving problems and finding synchronistic helping truths to heighten everyone's inspiration and self-clarity.  

You have come to the planet to help humanity evolve in some way. As consciousness rises, you can know with certainty that your dreams can come true. Clarify your life mission by engaging in a life review process by considering what have all the synchronicities in your life prepared you to tell the world about how to live with greater consciousness.

Develop your ability to influence your future in a positive way as a key insight to stay in karmic alignment by projecting gratitude and being flexible with outcomes. This power exists without question as your consciousness expands

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Reboot, Rebalance, and Vision for 2019

Power-up your life for 2019 with three dynamic experientals to upgrade your personal operating system and navigate changes you wish to employ. Release old stale energies and refresh your energy systems. Like a clean slate, receive healing energies and alignment to fuel your intentions for future endeavors.

Billie Topa Tate 2019 Join Billie Topa Tate, Mescalero Apache Indian in a beautiful Native American ceremony to gently—with great sacred intention—to release accumulated blocks and obstacles. The traditional native releasing ceremony is a wonderful experience to regain positive energy for your upcoming year. Enjoy a beautiful refreshing empowering ceremony. Receive blessings to reboot yourself in preparation for finding new balance and vision in the new year.

Stephanie Meis 2019 Join Stephanie Meis, psychotherapist and Reiki master teacher, to rebalance and refresh your energy centers or chakras. Refuel your energy to full vitality with chakra opening body exercises, essential oils, color, and musical tones. Receive easy-to-follow instructions on using the earth’s natural gifts to keep your chakras naturally in balance.

Martha Hayden 2019 Join Martha Hayden to create and manifest the vision you intend for yourself for 2019. In a beautiful ritual, clarify your desire by creating a seed image that aligns with your desire, nourish the seed for it to sprout, grow, and radiate the energy of your vision out into the world. This is a process of co-creation, interacting with and honoring the primal Oneness or Spirit where all things emerge. As your energy learns to dance with this Oneness, incarnate your manifestation. Gain an understanding that this is an act of love; a sacred becoming to emerge as vibrant, joyful, and alive.

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Manifesting a SoulMate
Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford

Finding a soulmate or true love can be confusing or challenging. Gain clarity and purpose as you find out how to use the soulmate secret which utilizes Universal principles combined with specific practices that are simple, fun, and easy to implement. Gain confidence in your approach to manifesting your soulmate with whom you are aligned and connected to in your soul.

Join Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life who was a first-time bride at the age of 44. Become informed of the proven methods she used to manifest her husband utilizing the principles of The Law of Attraction, a powerful technique that has worked for thousands of men and women of all ages.

Engage in this hands-on, content-rich focus on forgiveness and powerful techniques to create the partner of your dreams, important things to do to prepare your heart, mind, and spirit, as well as how to prepare your home to receive your soulmate. 

Find out how to have a lifetime of happiness and love. Practice powerful rituals and processes designed to manifest a soulmate. Discover the best ways to meet, date, and mate potential partners by:

  1. Letting go of the past to make room for new love
  2. Clarifying your needs, intentions, and desires to bring in a loving partner
  3. Identifying your must-haves and your deal breakers
  4. Opening your heart through the power of feeling and connecting with the partnership energy of the Divine

Transformational rituals and other energetic shifting processes empower you to create and attract the partner of your dreams. Prepare a soulmate wish list and engage in a release ritual. Renew your intention to manifest your soulmate with a new perspective, ability, and certainty.

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Deepening Psychic Strengths
Lisa Williams, 2019 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award Recipient

Lisa Williams

  • Experience dramatic and immediate intuitive communication with powerful psychic techniques to Create a deeply layered experience of Spirit.
  • Expand your ability to perceive and interpret spirits’ symbolic messages.
  • Build a spiritual bridge to a whole new world through a process you can use that connects you with Spirit.
  • Implement potent spirit-linking methods to identify and gain access to Spirits who have crossed over, whether they are known or unknown to you.
  • Reach beyond ordinary psychic skills to open empowering spiritual doorways, including the unique skill of psychic detection (also known as forensic information).

Join Lisa Williams, author of Survival of the Soul, Life Among the Dead, and Was That a Sign from Heaven? to discover how to gather step-by-step strategies using your mediumistic and psychic skills through a process that unveils a deeper truth. Become a conduit, available to acquire Spirit messages and information, for yourself or others. Take your skills as a medium or psychic to the next level by broadening your intuitive capabilities.

Williams will introduce you to the concept of “forensic mediumship” that demonstrates how to interpret evidence you get from Spirit using your sensory perceptions. Uncover the mysteries of “cold cases” and “missing persons” to provide details that sometimes can only be answered by those on the other side. You might even gain the ability to offer information about unsolved mysteries.

Help get closure for yourself or others as to why those in Spirit crossed over in the way they did and gain a deeper understanding and relief.

This is a fascinating opportunity to examine how to work with people you may or may not know whether you are working professionally or still developing your intuitive gifts. Through information, partner work, and question and answer time, gain experience with a practical and specialized intuitive skill set to:

  1. Develop a readily accessible Spirit connection that is ever-open in a psychic reading to receive relevant messages for yourself or a client
  2. Gain confidence that your Spirit information is accurate using Williams’ powerful multi-sensory perception techniques
  3. Deepen your psychic and mediumship abilities so you can confidentially analyze Spirit’s messages with clarity

Build trust in your capabilities so that you can be in the flow to deliver useful messages like the identification of names or locations. Evolve in your intuition to establish clear and ethical methods when receiving sensitive information to help you share Spirit’s information with grace and sensitivity. Expand and foster your spiritual connection and cultivate an intuitive knowing to support yourself and others either personally or professionally. These eye-opening, rarely taught intuitive skills can enhance your ability to work with Spirit with confidence, grace, and style.

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